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Remains of human

By…Naglaa Yacout

When the tears speak … and fall like rivers on the cheeks
And all the words of love become mere words, nothing
And the walls of your house narrow and hearts
Remember, then, that you are a human being, defeated

When you look at them and smile …
And the abundance of tears are hidden as they fill the eyes and your heart from the pain is merciful
And they only look at your smiles. And they do not mean your cleft chest
Remember, then, that you are just an empty imagination.

When your words suffocate in your shaky voice
Your letters stutter in your throat in a hoarse voice
In the heat of your tears, your eyes fry with a wretched glow
And your heart suffocates … from too much painful speech … and you become shocked

They hurt you, and with your mistakes, they relish, and they point to you with their fingers
… and they laugh at you and whisper … and over your mistakes they say mistakes
And with it they talk, talk and giggle, and with you, they shame and stab
And they forget that you are a human being .. and it is wrong that is fallible

And you withdraw from the world because of them because you are wronged, and people believe their lies
And you live like a stranger … in a religion where none of the good people knows you
.. there are no feelings in it, and the feeling in it is missing.
When your tears accompany you … and your mute retreat …

And you become a stranger … from the world alone. forsaken.
Do not hear the speech of feelings .. and the words of any affectionate feeling.
So when he authorized. I know that you went with the wind like a feather in the winds of Malouf.
To know .. you are the remains of a human being..in the groove of death there is a

So get up from your dark pit and do not give in to their poisoned words
And about the shackles of their years, go away, God is with you, Oppressed
Do not be afraid of their blame or their lofty looks, that God supports you, Mansour
Their scandals and their conversations echo in a void

And your life is yours and they do not own you

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